Burgundy Spacedye  Facemask- 5 Pack

*** MADE IN USA ***
Ships Same Day!

Protective Face Mask
Washable, Reusable

FABRIC: Certified Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Super Soft Jersey
COLORS: Assorted Colors Available
SIZE: Adult Unisex/Child Unisex

MEASUREMENTS: Length 6", Width 4" (Please reference picture for dimensions as well)

Encased Metal Wire. Wire is inside of the fabric, so it does not need to be removed for washing.
Comfortable and adjustable metal molding around nose area for fit.

No uncomfortable elastic in our masks! The ear loops are made of soft fabric that stretches and recovers. We’ve designed these to be soft and comfortable.

Please machine wash in cold or hot water, mild detergent only and dry flat. We do not recommend bleach.

BULK and CUSTOM ordering options available. Please email us for bulk and custom printed inquiries.

Burgundy Spacedye Facemask- 5 Pack